The Cloud is predicted to grow to $45 Billion by 2016


SaaS growth is projected at more than 500% by 201625% of new business software will be SaaSSaaS CRM is estimated to double by 2013 

The SaaS CRM Market is huge and growing. The opportunity as a LeadMaster reseller is excellent.


LeadMaster lead tracking tells customer what’s happening with sales leads.

Recent studies estimate that less than 50% of all leads are followed up on.
40% of qualified telemarketing leads that have only marginal followup.
50% of leads are never even called.80% of trade show leads that are never followed up on.


The average sales rep spends 47% of their time selling. The amount of time they spend on administrative tasks is 39%. LeadMaster makes administrative tasks more efficient, allowing reps to be more productive, enabling them to focus on selling. The LeadMaster solutions are designed to be simple and uncluttered so that your sales and marketing teams will find them easy to use. In LeadMaster it takes 75% fewer mouse clicks to update a record than in the most popular CRM solution.


LeadMaster’s flexible architecture is designed to fit the customer’s business, not the other way around. Maybe you have special requirements, LeadMaster is flexible enough to accomodate them.
LeadMaster has customers in every industry. If a business has customers, they’ll benefit from using LeadMaster.

Time is Money

With LeadMaster, customers can be up and running in a matter of hours – Lead Management has never been so easy. Don’t let your customers sign up for a competitor that takes weeks / months to implement. Customers who sign up with LeadMaster today, will start reaping the rewards tomorrow.

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