We are your Extended Sales Team !


  • We manage B2B and -only- qualitative B2C missions.
  • Your benefits : methodology, technology, knowhow and strategies.
  • 50+ native and professional agents in Belgium available to build and handle every aspect of customer interaction, inbound & outbound using every communication channel available:
    phone, email, chat, sms & social media and more.
  • No qualitative project is too small or too big !

Inbound & Outbound b2b !

Extensive sales and marketing experience.
We are your company's missing link.
Book meetings through us generating b2b qualified leads.
Each client is unique and requires an individual approach.
Guided by this principle, our specialists develop original and 100% efficient business expansion programs.

Our added value?

We are your extended sales team for any business in any sector !
The people on the other side of the call really have the impression that they are speaking with YOUR company.
They will never feel it's a call center !
We train our people to really represent you!
Our callers communicate in Dutch, French and English all over Europe!

Our Calling Services

  • Tele Profiling : Identifying and profiling contacts
  • Tele Registration : Registering customers/clients for events
  • Tele Prospection : Qualifying sales prospects
  • Tele Qualification : Qualifying potential and lead generation
  • Tele Branding : Promoting your new product or service
  • Tele Up-selling : Selling to your existing clients


Examples for generating b2b qualified leads

  • Surveys
  • Appointment setting
  • Seminar registration
  • Direct mail follow up
  • Trade show follow up
  • Announce a sale, grand opening or special events
  • Other b2b solutions
  • DataBase nurturing is done in any case!