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Features Summary

Marketing automation is an integral component of the LeadMaster Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. In addition to automating marketing functions like drip marketing, email marketing, surveys, newsletters and lead nurturing LeadMaster provides tracking and ROI reporting for email marketing campaigns. LeadMaster also helps with market segmentation, a key ingredient in targeting the right market for your message.

Measuring Marketing ROI
At any given point there are prospects that want to purchase your products & services. The goal is to keep those prospects informed for as little cost as possible. That's where some of the many aspects of marketing automation can be applied - email marketing, lead nurturing, drip marketing etc. These marketing automation methods will help fill your sales funnel by communicating your message to prospects until they're ready to buy. This is a marketing best practice because the return on investment is so high.

Once you've executed your marketing campaign you're going to want to analyze the data to determine the overall effectiveness of each campaign. LeadMaster has built-in data analytics to enable you to determine which marketing campaign was most effective. Along with data analytics comes the ability to measure the ROI on your marketing campaigns. Once you know how much was sold and how much your email marketing campaigns cost you'll know the ROI.

Email marketing provides one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing tool and email marketing is one of the marketing automation features built-in to LeadMaster.

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