Email marketing software is still seen as a cost effective form of marketing today. With LeadMaster, it's built-in.

LeadMaster continues to strive to improve its products at the lowest prices of the industry. It is making advancements in its technology all the time. With LeadMaster, you don’t have to pay more per month to get a complete Lead Management, CRM, Sales Force Automation and  e-marketing package. All of it comes included with the LeadMaster CRM. LeadMaster’s email solution provided the technology that you would normally pay extra by going to an external email solution provider.


Here’s what you get with LeadMaster.
Mass emails.

Do you purchase leads at large quantities? If so, LeadMaster is the perfect solution to send large quantities of marketing messages out to your prospects. Bring pre-qualified leads to your sales team, at no additional cost. 10,000 emails per month are automatically included
Drip marketing/lead nurturing, & automated emails.


Don’t let your precious leads, even if they’re cold, fall by the wayside. With LeadMaster, you can send automated emails at select intervals, to increase the number of ‘sales ready’, pre-qualified leads you provide your sales team, thereby increasing sales.
Email tracking.

LeadMaster’s email tracking feature reveals which recipients are opening your emails, clicking through and showing interest. So you can calculate an immediate ROI and refine any further correspondence to grow revenue.

Campaign Management and Analysis.

Manage and analyse the ROI of your lead nurturing campaigns with LeadMaster’s built-in campaign management. So you know how effective your campaigns are in real-time.
Email Integration.

All email correspondence sent via Outlook can be filed automatically in the LeadMaster system, for future reference. So you know exactly how your prospects, and reps, are doing.
LeadMaster calendar management integrates with Googlemail
Leadmaster is not just about customer relationship manager, it’s about marketing automation, lead management, and campaign management, all rolled into one.

Make money and save time with LeadMaster.

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