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LeadMaster is multiple solutions in one

Email Marketing, Lead Management Software, Opportunity Management, SFA & CRM with features like campaign management, Outlook integration and mobile access, workflow automation - all built-in, easy-to-use & affordable.

LeadMaster is customisable for you and your industry.
The field names, forms, dashboard charts and many other functions can be tailored to suit your unique way of doing business resulting in time savings for you and your team.

With LeadMaster you get feature-rich sales management software that is easy-to-use PLUS personal guidance from LeadMaster experts.

No Software to Download. Nothing to Install. Instantly Available.

Cost savings with no hardware to buy or infrastructure costs.  Painless upgrades that just happen. Simply register by completing the short form below and see why thousands of users are utilising our easy-to-use and customisable Sales and Lead Management solution. You'll be glad you did. Available 24/7 around the world from any internet connection, including iPhone & other mobile devices. Same day deployment reduces overall acquisition costs

LeadMaster Lead Management
Means Never Losing a Lead Again

The success of your business depends on driving sales revenue. But the process between lead generation and closing sales can be filled with issues where leads fall through the cracks and aren’t followed up by the sales team. Not only are those sales lost, but also marketing Euros are wasted.

The LeadMaster web-based sales and marketing system, tracks leads in real time throughout the sales cycle, from demand generation to lead closure. It pinpoints where leads are quickly converting into revenue – and where they're not – to improve future decision-making. The easy-to-use cloud computing application integrates sales and marketing efforts across the enterprise, including business partners, call center representatives and the sales channel.

More Leads?

LeadMaster Lead Tracking

Ensures timely lead follow-up

As leads are enter the system, they are automatically assigned to reps and partners, with email notifications to alert them to the new opportunities.

As leads are followed up, a journal of sales activity is maintained for each opportunity, with areas for reps to provide valuable feedback, set callback reminders and more. Managers can track the progress of every lead and evaluate user activity, introducing increased accountability and transparency into the sales process.

Real-world benefits with LeadMaster’s Intuitive, Easy-to-use Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management

Designed so most tasks are just 2 clicks away!

  • Basic tasks are automated, reducing time-consuming paperwork and shortening the sales cycle.
  • Customer profiling allows sales teams to identify the most qualified prospects, improving customer interactions and resulting in higher close ratios.
  • Forecast and pipeline reports support individual and team planning, goal setting and evaluation.
  • Built-in reminders ensure action items are followed up.
  • Real-time lead tracking and reporting allows marketing to see what’s working best so that messages can be refined accordingly.
  • Data mining tools target the best market for future programs.
  • Automated workflow using customised business rules improves efficiency & productivity.
  • Automated lead nurturing and drip marketing keeps customers up to-date until they’re ready to buy.

LeadMaster Lead Integration

Consolidates leads from ALL lead sources

Leads are stored in a variety of places – spreadsheets, emails, individual databases etc., - so nobody is quite sure who has followed up on which lead or which campaign has generated the best results. It can take days to get a good sales forecast and even then, it’s hard to tell if it's accurate. LeadMaster solves those problems and more. LeadMaster’s unique FlexForm™ technology captures data from a variety of sources : landing pages, call centers, direct mails, webinar registrations, sales lead vendors and more. Leads flow directly into the system in real time and are fully indexed for robust search capability.


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