Why Lead Generation Matters to B2B Marketers


Lead nurturing programs can generate greater volumes of leads

More B2B marketers are getting wise to the benefits of lead generation technology, with many noting the tools help them increase the volume of warm leads created, better segment those prospects and improve targeting efforts to reach them.

Primary Benefit Generated by Lead Nurturing Programs According to B2B Marketers Worldwide, July 2016 (% of respondents)

Based on the results of a July 2016 survey conducted by Salesforce’s Pardot and emedia, B2B marketers have realized a number of benefits from their lead nurturing programs. More than a third (36%) emphasized the programs are helpful simply because they generate a greater volume of leads, this was the most popular response. Another 26% mentioned the ability of lead nurturing programs to segment prospects based on their interests and behaviors, while 26% also noted the programs’ ability to improve targeting and segmentation.

Most Significant Goals vs. Barriers to Lead Generation Success According to Senior B2B* Marketers Worldwide, Aug 2016 (% of respondents)

As it turns out, the ability of lead generation programs to simultaneously maximize the volume of new potential customers while still maintaining high levels of quality is critical for B2B marketers. An August 2016 survey of B2B marketer goals by Ascend2 found that improving the quality of leads and acquiring new customers were the most significant goals.

As more B2B marketers rely on lead generation programs to generate business, many are also experimenting with content marketing strategies to help find new business. A separate June 2016 study by Ascend2 emphasized the popularity of content marketing as another key lead generation tool for B2B marketers.


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