Exceleads becomes a LeadMaster Partner


LeadMaster, a leading provider of lead management and sales CRM solutions, upgrades marketing automation functionality.

Roswell, Georgia July 6, 2012—LeadMaster, a leading provider of cloud computing solutions for CRM, Sales Lead Management, Marketing Automation and Sales Force Automation and Exceleads a Business Consultancy & Lead Generation Expert for more than 10 years, announced an agreement to sell and support the LeadMaster solution in Northern Europe.

Andy Brownell, CMO of LeadMaster says “We are delighted to have Exceleads as a partner in Belgium. Jacky’s teams speaks multiple languages and will help LeadMaster expand our base in northern Europe.”

Jacky Kahan, CEO of Exceleads added how thrilled Exceleads is to be able to represent Leadmaster in the Benelux.

“Exceleads has been using Leadmaster internally for the past 2 years. LeadMaster proved to be very reliable and efficient solutions for our clients and partners. All the statistics, metrics and reporting are great and easy to deal with! It is a multi-function product that works well in any sector. Everybody is really satisfied! With the acquired knowledge in the last two years, we are confident to be of good advise for our new clients looking for an affordable CRM solution.”


Extensive sales and marketing experience. Exceleads is your company’s Missing Link.
Book meetings through us and generate more qualified leads.
Each client is unique and requires individual approach.
Guided by this principle, our specialists develop original and 100% efficient business expansion programs.
Exceleads is generating leads mainly in the Benelux B2B market but has regular missions in all the European region.
Exceleads is generating leads in English, Dutch and French.

Exceleads is your Extended Sales Team


-Tele Profiling-Identifying and profiling contacts
-Tele Registration-Registering customers/clients to events
-Tele Prospection-Qualifying sales prospects
-Tele Qualification-Qualifying potential and lead generation

Examples for Generating Leads

-Appointment Setting
-Seminar Registration
-Direct Mail Follow-Up
-Trade Show Follow Up
-Announce a sale, Grand Opening or Special Events
-Other Business-to-Business solutions

Exceleads is privately held and headquartered in Brussels / Belgium and maintains a corporate website at https://www.exceleads.com

About LeadMaster

LeadMaster offers a multi-function cloud-computing software solution for sales and marketing professionals.
Everything you need in one easy-to-use online web- based application. You can choose to implement an end-to-end Sales Lead Management CRM Software solution or select specific point solutions to satisfy your sales & marketing requirements.

Options include:
• Lead-Xpress – A revolutionary new way for sales reps to receive and update sales leads.
• E-Marketing – Drip marketing, lead nurturing, email tracking, open & clicks reporting.
• Lead-Xtreme – It’s like caller-ID for your website. Website visitor info flows into LeadMaster CRM in real-time.
• Call Center Solutions – Combining LeadMaster solutions provides a complete virtual call center system.
• Power-Call – Cloud phone switch integrated with LeadMaster provides an instant virtual call center.
• Voice-Leads – Convert text leads into speech, call the rep, read the lead & offer to connect with prospect.
• LeadMaster Voice – Click to call, power dialing and virtual phone switch integrated with LeadMaster CRM.

LeadMaster’s on-demand customizable SaaS solutions combine sales lead management software,lead tracking solutions, sales force automation tools (SFA), customer relationship management features (Sales CRM), LeadMaster Voice solutions and virtual call center solutions. This powerful web-based application has helped companies large and small from virtually every industry. The LeadMaster sales lead management CRM solution is intuitive and easy to use, providing real-timelead capture, lead distribution, lead tracking, lead nurturing, custom reporting and email marketing.

LeadMaster makes it easy to qualify and convert leads from virtually any source – landing page, email, call center, webinar, sales lead suppliers and more. The LeadMaster sales lead management CRM product is straightforward and easy to learn yet has robust features like workflow automation, round-robin lead distribution, mobile access, CRM analytics and Outlook integration. LeadMaster products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers,consultants and system integrators

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