Why Do Companies Get Trapped in a Vicious Circle?

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Why Do Companies Get Trapped in a Vicious Circle?

Greg Blazewicz, Founder and CEO at SALESmanago Marketing Automation, talks about how companies race to provide new features to their systems, neglecting their customer service, and shares tips to improve your strategy

The number of complaints and negative reviews in social media channels has become overwhelming, especially in B2C industries with high volumes of contact. The main reason is an easy access to companies’ platforms, where we can freely criticize a product or service. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and much more – today you no longer need to search for a number or write an email. Social media customer service is the new name of the game, and if you decide not to play, you will most likely be left behind.

Many companies neglect the Customer Service department. We all know that very often the least experienced employees and interns get their positions in there. In fact, according to American Express Survey, 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or haven’t made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. In other words, without qualified and trained staff, who will be able to remove your customers’ doubts, you won’t get anywhere.

Customer Service is The New Marketing

Being a marketer, treat your customers as if they were TV reporters. Quality Customer Service not only creates a positive business reputation but also enhances emotional attachment to the brand. That is why each question, complaint or concern must be given significant attention.

Marketing Automation as Customer Service

Using Marketing Automation, you can improve customer service, and increase customer retention. MA tools help to personalize your campaigns and messages for every client, from prospects to your loyal customers. It creates an efficient and meaningful interaction with each of them – but let’s see how it can be done!

1. Emails

Emails such as a “thank you” or a quick “follow-up”. You can automate emails to encourage customers to purchase a product they viewed, share information about the brand or just touch base with them after they made a transaction. Marketing Automation software is crucial to run personalized and effective email campaigns.

2. Integrating social media into your Marketing Automation campaigns

Marketing Automation allows you to improve your social media presence. Staying closer to your customers helps to build lasting relationships and has an impact on engagement and revenue.

3. CRM and 360-degree customer view

This tool helps to come out of the darkness, giving you all of the information about clients. Information is stored on the contact card including behavioral data obtained from tracking the contact’s behavior as well as any available transactional data. What’s more, details are being regularly collected and updated in the real-time. Implementing CRM helps to understand the customers’ needs better and to communicate with them more efficiently, what translates into growth of sales.

4. Lead scoring

This process automatically assigns a predefined number of points to each lead, for any detected interaction between the lead and the company. Using scoring allows automating sales and marketing activities to each prospect effectively. Additionally, it gives your sales department clear information about the most promising leads to be contacted in the first place.

5. Behavioral segmentation

Makes it easy to send clients customized content automatically. Tailored messages encourage prospects to interact since they are relevant to their interests and preferences. Personalized emails reach much higher OR and CTR and also, significantly increase users’ activity on WWW page. Such engagement leads to more SQLs (sales qualified leads) and higher sales.

Listen for Understanding

Today people often identify criticism with hate. Let’s remember that not every criticism or negative comment is a hater’s opinion. In fact, customers sacrifice their time to inform companies how to improve their performance and remove the doubts for others. That’s why we should listen and draw conclusions. According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, it is 6 up to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one! Bear it in your mind while pursuing business goals.

No matter how innovative and great your company is or how much marketing money you throw onto Facebook, it won’t have real value if your customers aren’t satisfied. Marketing Automation opens doors to better marketing strategy, but most of all, it helps to build a stronger relationship with their clients. Break the chain of the vicious circle and ensure everything your business does delights and contributes to making your own and customers’ experience.


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