Belgian Marketing decision maker database for rent !



Many of our clients are looking for data, prospect list and mainly are focused on Marketing decision makers.

Your direct marketing is only as good as the mailing list it’s based on. Without a quality list of target prospects, response rates and ROI will suffer.

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Exceleads database of marketing decision makers gives direct mail marketers access to over 11000 decision makers in Belgium. Yet more important than the vast size of our dataset is the quality of our data. While many data providers merely resell third-party lists, we collect our own data from a broad range of sources and enriched the data since more than 8 years.

It is estimated that 40 percent of the success of your direct marketing campaign rests on the shoulders of a quality mailing list. Therefore it is critical that your offer is delivered into the hands of the right decision maker.

We decided, after many many requests, to finally rent our database for an affordable price.
Our database has been updated, enriched and profiled for the last 8 years.
On our latest mailing we had less than 1% bounces and 5 wrong email adresses !

We first thought to rent our data on selection, but finally decided to have just one small fee for the whole database!

Normal price is 1950 Euros for +11000 contacts.

The first 10 orders will be able to rent our DB for only 1500 Euros!
(Promotion valid till 15th of may 2017 !)

The Exceleads list specifically focuses on Marketing Decision Makers in Belgium
(and a few in Luxembourg and The Netherlands).

Yes, it’s our own personal enriched database that we use for our own prospection.

Our database has been identified, profiled and updated since the last 8 years through extensive research.

The typical titles of the Marketing Decision Makers business list include:

  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • General Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Advertising/Brand Manager
  • CEO
  • and more

The Exceleads database is meticulously compiled and we have personal emails for the majority of the contacts.
What you can find :

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Title
  • Main switch
  • Direct Line
  • Fax
  • Mobile
  • Personal Email
  • General Email
  • Language
  • Gender
  • and much more

An important feature of the Exceleads database is that we have personal email addresses for most of the contacts.


Normal price is 1950 Euros for +11000 contacts.

The first 10 orders will be able to rent our DB for only 1500 Euros!
(Promotion valid till 15th of may 2017 !)


We’re not talking about sending Viagra ads, Pharmacy or the constant non-stop garbage (spam) we all seem to receive on a daily basis. We are talking about a one-time email marketing campaign offering a legitimate product or a service .

  • Addresses you rent with us are normally released for a one-time use, but we offer you the possibility to use it maximum three times in a period of 12 months.
  • Minimum time between mail campaigns should be 4 weeks.
  • At extra charge if needed, you can send 12 mails per year. (500 Euros)
  • As a precaution only, we wish to point out that unauthorized use of the addresses rented will involve contract penalty according to our General Terms and Conditions.
  • If you have no CRM we can offer solutions.
  • If you need a team for the follow up, let us know

We are prepared to answer any questions you might have.


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